Promo Videos & Logos

Event Promotion. Product Launch. Business marketing; Digital Marketing. Corporate brand awareness campaigns. Internet Ads and any social media platform campaigns

Feature Films

A complete professionally edited and polished story about your company or individual story. Covers all the big budget checklists.Think low cost production but with big budget Hollywood results

Motion Graphics & Animation

We can animate your story and tell it in 30 seconds and have an impactful connection with any targeted audience. Distribution on social media or TV ads as a commercial or Infomercial

Videography on a rocket ship

Capturing your story in its raw form and then creatively editing a complete composite and a simple to digest production is what we do best here at FuntastikVoyageFilms Studio Lab.

Cinematic Storytelling for your Brand

When it comes to feature Films; We compose the script and storyboard based on your ideas and our creative collaboration. Then compressing it into various time segments inside our Post-Production FMSPP film lab. The final Polished product takes your audience and viewers on a short story format film adventure. Cinematic, Powerful and engaging!

Dare to share your story?…

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out”

Martin Scorsese